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Welcome to Jeannius Designs! Home of the creative expressions of Jeanne Rhodes-Moen, Filigree Artist (and author of Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewlery!)

Below is a slide show shows some of my current inventory. If you don't find it in the shop pages, use the contact form to check on availability or ordering a similar piece if it's been sold.

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Classic, yet innovative design...

My work is a unique combination of an ages old technique of cutting, shaping and soldering individual wire into a lacelike webwork of silver around stones. It's taken me many years to develop my individual style, combining this ancient technique with more modern design. In addition to handmade filigree, I also do a cast line, stone cutting, and jewelry photography.

My filigree is based in the Norwegian style of filigree I learned while in visiting in 1988. I have fused this beautiful technique together with my American heritage to create my own, unique style of filigree jewelry using a more freeform style, gemstones, pearls and beads

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Jewelry Photography Services

I'm now offering jewelry photography services. Please check out my jewelry photography page for more info.

Slideshow shows examples of my photography for other jewelers.

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Wire by wire...

Each handcrafted piece is made from individually cut and shaped, thin sterling silver wires. Each wire is then soldered by torch to the other wires in the piece. Some people have confused my work with wire wrapping, but this is a totally different technique which employs silversmithing methods.

I use a lot of gemstones, often combining more than one stone in a piece to give it a unique look. I also love to find and cut stones into cabochons!


Bridal Designs...

My work is well suited to the Bridal industry, and I'm working on a line of bridal jewelry. After all, every wedding and bride is unique! Shouldn't the jewelry be too?

Bridal page


My filigree designs are durable, classic and eyecatching. they can be worn on special occasions or with everyday blue jeans!



About the artist...

I learned the very basics of how to shape and solder filigree wire while visiting Norway in 1988. I came back to the USA, bought silver, equipment and stones and began to further teach myself this technique. I developed my own style and continued to work with filigree even after moving to Norway when I got married in 1991. Iíve since added many skills to my repetoire, including lapidary and casting. In 2005, my two daughters and I moved back to the USA after 14 years abroad, settling in Asheville, NC and am pursuing my dream of creating beautiful jewelry. (more) †

Silver Threads...

I recently wrote a book, Silver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry, published through Kalmbach Publishing. Itís a how-to book on making filigree jewelry. The book contains general how-to techniques, examples of filigree from around the world, 12 detailed, step by step projects and suggestions for polishing and design.

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Stone cutting

In order to have the types, quality and shapes of stones I want for my designs, I do a lot of my own cabochon cutting. I'm particularly fond of stones you don't see everyday, such as Gem Silica(Chalcedony colored by Chrysocolla), Thulite, Specrolite, Old stock agates, opals, Variscite and many others.

I enjoy cutting stones, and have a lot in my inventory, both for custom jobs and, soon, for purchase by other jewelers.