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I have a huge selection of gemstones for my creations, as well as for custom orders. I have both common stones like Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, turquoise well as rarer gems such as Andean Blue Opal, Norwegian Thulite, Gem silica(Chrysocolla Chalcedony), Opal, fancy agates and many others.

I've always loved rocks, or perhaps some would say I've got rocks in my head! But I've put my interest in rocks and minerals to good use and cut stones Many of the cabochons I cut myself, making them one of a kind pieces. I often cut non-traditional shapes, which allows me more creative freedom when designing.

dvp cab


jeanne at work

Me cutting a piece of gem silica on my Diamond Pacific Genie.

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Since I am a prolific stone cutter and I have some unique, hard to find materials, I am in the process of making these available to other artists for use in their own creations through a new website, It will be up and running soon.


big cab pile

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The stones shown are a mixture of spectrolite, thulite, sunstone, opal, blue peruvian opal, gem silica and more.

I used to live in Norway and brought back some rare and unusual Norwegian stones including bright pink Thulite, Sunstone, Larvikite and others.


  norwegian stones
spectrolite   I have Spectrolite in stock. Some of it is from Finland, but some of it is actually from the Island of Hidra in Norway. It is also black based like the Finnish material, but often has subtle shades of purple in it's flash.
I have a lot of colorful stones from Chrysoprase, to fancy agates and opal.